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QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor - QuickBooks Online Certification

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QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor - QuickBooks Certification

Deborah Plance, Owner

​​​Deborah is a professional bookkeeper and Intuit Certified QuickBooks
ProAdvisor located in Houston Texas, with over 20 years Financial
Consulting and Bookkeeping experience. Whether you need help
with setup, cleanup, training or daily bookkeeping services, I am here to
personally help with your bookkeeping and QuickBooks training
​needs. We are Experienced, Efficient, Flexible and Affordable.

Feel free to give me a call or contact Cents & CentsAbility Consulting LLC
by going to our Contact Page ​and filling out by telling me the best time and
way to reach you. Remember to ask for your 1 hour of FREE
QuickBooks consultation!


 Mission Statement

Cents & CentsAbility Consulting will always strive to empower clients and their personnel
​by sharing knowledge and building skills to produce & understand reliable financial data.

Certified Intuit Quickbooks Proadvisor

Cents & CentsAbility Consulting will fit the needs of transitional small businesses, dealing with the growing pains of leaving an owner-operator model to hiring employees and expanding. These clients will see that this company is competitively priced, both compared with the market and with the substitute option of hiring their own bookkeepers. Clients will see that Cents & CentsAbility Consulting is extremely flexible and scalable in a way that in-house bookkeepers cannot be. To move forward with this new business, Cents & CentsAbility Consulting will make the bookkeeping services the core of its business and a source of leads for its additional accounting services, rather than the other way around. Cents & CentsAbility Consulting LLC seeks to provide a full suite of management accounting and bookkeeping services services for small businesses in the Houston Metropolitan area, as well as working with companies 'virtually' across the nation. Thus, allowing business owners to not only save money over in-house accounting and ensure their compliance with tax laws, but to make valuable management decisions from their numbers.